Recent Project: Lightning Cloud Instructable

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My lightning cloud project recently won another award! I came in at Third place in the “Make it Glow” contest, and as a “Runner Up” in the Halloween Decor Contest 2015 on Instructables.


I was also recently interviewed by the local San Diego news talking about robots!

To read more about my projects, check out my project page. To learn how to make your own lightning cloud, check out my award-winning Instructable!



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Check out Molly’s updated website at to see the latest news!



Molly Nicholas is passionate about designing engaging, interactive experiences. She is fascinated by the physicality of computing, and exploring how technological artifacts interact with the world of performing. Creating an embodied experience in an object is far more interesting than interacting through a screen or an app. What aspects of physicality are important? Where we draw the line between physical and digital is much more flexible than it first appears. What kinds of interesting experiences can we create by drawing that line in different places?

She values “glanceable”, seductive interaction design. She particularly enjoys projects that draw users in and artfully encourage discussion about challenging issues. She enjoys interactive work that connects people. She relishes the struggle between the choice to do work that has a direct impact on a few people, and work that has an indirect impact on many people.

Molly loves working on teams, and thrives when she can serve as a resource to others. Much of her experience has been running workshops that introduce underrepresented populations to computer science through tech-art projects. She thinks the “A” is the most important letter in STEAM.

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Check out Molly’s updated website at to see the latest news!


Molly Nicholas is a new PhD student studying Human Computer Interaction in the Computer Science department at UC Berkeley. Her work focuses on designing novel user interfaces. She is particularly interested in exploring how issues of politics, identity, and education intersect with new media studies and performance studies.  Previously, she worked for two years as a Software Engineer at Qualcomm, where she developed FIRST Robotics’ new robotics platform. She is also a dancer, puppeteer, Clown Conservatory-trained clown, singer, and casual contortionist living in Berkeley, CA.  Molly received her B.A. from the University of California, Berkeley with a double major in Computer Science and Cognitive Science in 2014.